When a women finally gives herself permission to ask What's next? What about me? She needs a wise guide through the maze of living a bolder, more extraordinary life. She needs someone like Judith Pepper – sage, wise woman, transformational expert, compassionate guide. Through her books, speaking engagements, social media, daily Womantras, and other offerings, Judith Pepper converts her experience, enthusiasm, sage wisdom into a dynamic system of support and guidance for the woman who wants to live more fully, more joyfully.


Women at their best, attending a Judith Pepper book signing!

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Choose from several different presentations or seminars on key aspects of how to answer the question most women eventually ask themselves, What’s next? What about me?

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The “Age of Sage” is an adventure that includes exploration, research, identifying and realizing that dreams and desires do come true!In this book Judith Pepper will guide you to achieve your dreams and desires.