JUDITH PEPPER is an author, sage, transformational speaker and guide for women over 40. She is devoted to helping all women who have dared to ask themselves the questions: Now, what about ME?” She is the author of the book The Age of Sage: Extraordinary Advice for Extraordinary Women, a selection of narratives, formulas and ideas on how women can reframe negative thoughts into positive beliefs, so they can build their momentum to live life as fully and wildly as they desire.

Judith is also an expert public speaker on the subject of life transformation over 40. She’s addressed audiences of hundreds of women all over the US. She has won numerous awards in everything from community leadership to pecan pie baking! She firmly believes any woman can reap extraordinary success and pleasure, regardless of what she does for a living or where she is in life.

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A personal message from Judith Pepper…

“I am a sage.  I don’t mean to imply that I have some special powers or mystical ability.  I can’t see into anyone’s future or make changes happen for anyone except for myself. The same self responsibility is true with all of us. And, what I mean when I call myself a “sage” is that over the course of six-plus decades of life, as well as a myriad of personal, professional and social experiences, I have accumulated a certain depth, breadth, and variety of wisdom – and I am passionately interested in, and perhaps somewhat gifted at, sharing it with other women.

“Lying on a yacht off the coast of Spain on my 60th birthday, it occurred to me that I had become for other women the wise, compassionate, knowledgeable, patient, and enthusiastic guide I only wished I had found somewhere along my journey, especially when I reached the stage of my life journey when I began asking those important questions – about how to live with more conviction, more boldly, in the years ahead.

“I share with other women all my tools, resources, spiritual principles and perspective so that they – you – too can transform your beliefs about what is possible in life.”

 Judith Speaks to Women Video