Attend One of Judith’s Speaking Events:

“Now, What About Me”  Transformational Workshop for Women

Saturday,  June 15 –



Invite Judith Pepper to present a dynamic, exciting, interactive talk or seminar at your upcoming event.

Judith Pepper, author of The Age of Sage and Womantras, is a dynamic speaker who loves nothing more than talking to a room full of women about the transformational power of asking themselves how to live a bolder life, a more extraordinary life, maybe even a wilder, certainly a more charged-up life every single day.

Choose from several different presentations or seminars on key aspects of how to answer the question most women eventually ask themselves, What’s next?  What about me?

Pepper draws from a combination of her own vast and varied personal experiences as an executive in corporate, nonprofit, and community organizations; her six decades of living a rich, challenging, and at times difficult life; and her gift of intuitively discerning what’s important and what’s trivial in a woman’s journey to more fulfillment, fun, creativity, and joy.

Her command of an audience is impressive, and in return they will laugh, whoop, gasp, maybe even cry a little, and always leave with a trove of tips and tools. Pepper will pop your guests wide open, igniting a desire and determination that’s unmatched.

She can include a question and answer session, interactive exercises, and other audience participation opportunities. Pepper’s talks are easily adapted for many kinds of audiences.

See where Judith has appeared before:

Aspen Institute
Brookings Institute
Chick-Fil-A Leadership Conference
Texas Tech University
U.S. Department of Commerce
Columbia Lakes Womens’ Association
Ecommerce and Rural American Conference
Lake Jackson Chamber of Commerce
Brazosport College Women’s Health Conference
Brazosport Regional Health System